Business & Strategic Planning
  • Consulting with the client regarding strategic business decisions and directions.
  • Market Research as required.
  • A Business Resume and a Comprehensive Business Plan.  These documents would then be used as the basis for seeking outside equity investment in the business. The Business Resume would include short paragraphs on the need, the product, the technology, the company, and the business opportunity, as well as information on marketing, sales, operations, and management.  These documents are designed to secure face-to-face meetings with potential investors.  The Comprehensive Business Plan would include text, drawings, photos, logos, graphs, and other visual information designed to enhance the image of the investment opportunity and would be available to potential investors as part of their due diligence process.
  • Comprehensive Financial Models including month-by-month Income & Expense Statement and Statement of Cash Flow for 36 months, annual summaries for both of these financial statements, as well as annual Balance Sheets.  This financial model would be driven by a variety of well-documented assumptions.
  • PowerPoint Presentation covering key aspects of the plan