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Persuasive Business Plans works with business owners from pre-revenue up to $50 million annual sales to help them first understand their own story, then tell it to the appropriate audience in words, numbers, and picture in order to obtain the human and/or financial capital (debt and/or equity) required to growth their businesses.

Persuasive Business Plans works with business owners with annual sales of up to $50 million as they move transition points in their business life and need to change their information system and infrastructure in order to break through growth barriers.

At times, it isn’t just the information system and infrastructure that needs to be changed in order to move a business forward.  In this case, a family-owned medical practice that had grown organically needed to be restructured in order to reduce the stress on the owner, as well as to begin to build value into the enterprise by reorganizing the business along market lines, broadening P & L responsibilities, and giving management the tools necessary to manage their specific business units.