Accounting Systems and Procedures

A Typical Client Story:

This client first utilized our firm to help transition their financial management system from a start-up mode under the sole control of the founder into a more traditional framework managed by other staff members. The consultant’s initial assignment was to develop and implement formal, written accounting policies and procedures and to train staff to use those policies and procedures to maintain our financial management system.

Following this assignment, the client asked the consultant to take on a role of greater responsibility providing interim financial and administrative management for the Company. In this role, the consultant became responsible for cash management, collections, insurance, payroll, taxes and establishing and implementing inventory control policies, credit policies and procedures, as well as all the other aspects of our accounting operations. It was the consultant’s ability to provide well-structured direction, communication and support to our staff that allowed him to manage these tasks efficiently working just two full days per week at the Company.

In addition, the consultant provided other valued input and support over this period to the Company. He hired and managed a full time bookkeeper to keep up with daily transactions and collection issues. He was the primary interface between the Company and the accounting firm performing our first GAAP audit. He set up a Company credit card system for expense control with AMEX and has researched and made recommendations for upgrading our current accounting software to a more appropriate and sophisticated system.